27 décembre 2013

Lullaby blues

Darling, forget that people is going wild out there.
Let's get warm in here and be calm and quiet.
Oh darling, darling!
Let's forget the future, and that there's no one to go to.
Oh! Put your arms around my waist, darling and let's wash the restless pain on your feet.

Oh baby, please, please forget that they are killing each other out there.
Come to bed and don't cry no more for this rotten world. Oh! Oh!
My body will continue to keep you company in this cold winter night.
Sleep well darling dream that people is kind and love
 is not only in bed. Oh!!! 
Good night baby. I can't help but cry.
Sleep to rest and continue the fight.
Baby, baby, let's forget that everything is bad out there.

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